Profession of precision medicine


Terry Wu , EMBA/General Manager

General Manager Terry Wu be entrusted with a mission at a critical and difficult moment to take over Lihpao Life Science Corp. from Huaxing Biotech in 2009. Huaxing Biotech was the first company in Taiwan to be approved for clinical trials of immunotherapy by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 1998. Lihpao Life Science Corp. was founded in 2010, focusing on molecular diagnosis of Cancer.

Being optimistic about the future economic prospects, Terry Wu invested in Xiamen, Fujian, China in 2015 to explore the Chinese market and established subsidiary at Xiamen to introduce the most advanced next-generation genetic testing. In 2018, Lihpao Life Science Corp. obtained official license to practice in Chinese medical institutions. In February 2020, Xiamen Lihpao Life Science Corp. became the first company to obtain a nucleic acid test issued by Xiamen City.

Currently, there are three major business Units for Lihpao Life Science Corp. , including genetic testing, new drug development and cell therapy. The scope of precision medicine testing services focusses on oncology, cardiology, neurology and scientific research.

Terry Wu graduated from the Fudan EMBA program of National Taiwan University.

Jennifer Yen-Su Huang , M.S./Vice general manager

Jennifer Yen-Su Huang joined LihPao Life Science Corp. in 2016 as special assistant of General Manager. She has dedicated her life to the business development of Lihpao. Jennifer Yen-Su Huang is an experienced media person and an electronic medical record development expert with 20 years of experience in the health industry.

She is currently the Deputy General Manager of LihPao Life Science Corp. where she leads a top performing sales team and manages the sales division. Before she joined Lihpao, she had held the post of supervisor in medical-related industry and had actively participated the events in the industry and in the academia.

Jennifer Yen-Su Huang obtained her Public Health Master’s degree in Tulane University in USA. and Biomedical Informatics Master’s degree in Taipei Medical University.

Leslie Chen , Ph.D/Chief Bioinformatics Officer

Dr. Leslie Chen joined LihPao Life Science in December, 2020 to build a Bioinformatics team. His role is primarily on bring artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to this company, more specifically on improving the precision and speed to the diagnostic genetic reporting system. In parallel, his team develops a flexible and subtle bioinformatic analysis platform tailored for clinical and basic medical research.

Before joining LihPao, Dr. Chen was an Assistant Professor and the founding Director of the Bioinformatic Core Laboratory at the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Linkou, where his primary research focused on cancer biology of brain cancer, liver cancer and leukemia. He also worked with the pediatric physicians to decipher the genetics for rare diseases.

After completing his PhD, Dr. Chen joined Dr. Leroy Hood’s laboratory at Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle, United States. As a research scientist, Dr Chen was leading two projects: the first project was to apply induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells to study cardiomyocyte differentiation and cardiomyopathy. The second project was to apply integrative –omic technologies to study cancer biology of human glioblastoma.

Dr. Chen received his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in United Kingdom in 2008, pioneering in pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics on warfarin at Sanger Institute in Hinxton. His PhD thesis project contributed to the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) decision to include the genetic testing of two genes, CYP2C9 and VKORC1 to the Warfarin drug label.

Inherited from Dr. Leroy Hood’s P4 medicine (predictive, preventive, personalized, participatory), Dr. Chen has a wide spectrum of expertise related to precision medicine, including pharmacogenomics, human genomics, cancer biology, and computational biology.

Yu-Hua Hsu , M.S./Medical Technologist

Yu-Hua Hsu joined the Liphao Medical Laboratory in October 2020 as a medical technologist. She is in charge of ISO15189 certification, laboratory management and the expansion of laboratory service projects.

Before joining Liphao Medical Laboratory, from 2013 to 2019, YU-Hua served as a medical technologist in the genetic molecular diagnostic laboratory of the Department of Genetic Medicine of National Taiwan University Hospital. She was responsible for ISO15189 certification of the NGS medical laboratory, genetic molecular diagnostic tests and the issuance of test reports, and multiple research projects.

From 2008 to 2013, Yu-Hua, as a medical technologist in the Teaching and Research Department of Taipei Veterans General Hospital, experiences biochemical genetic testing, genetic molecular testing, and the operation and management of departmental instruments as ABI 3703, LC480 and Robotics.

In 2013, YU-Hua obtained a master’s degree and graduated from Tzu Chi University. She studied the mechanism of HNF4 alpha regulating liver cancer cells in the laboratory of Professor Ji Hshiung Chen in the department of molecular biology and human genetics.

Yu-Hua joined the laboratory of Associate Dr. Ching-Hsein Chen in the university and participated in the research regarding the mechanism of Chinese medicine affecting cancer cells.

Zihan Huang , M.S./Agent Team Leader

Huang Zihan’s acting team leader joined LIHPAO LIFE SCIENCE CORP. in May 2018. His main task is to manage the regeneration team, devote himself to the application and development of cell products, build an immune cell technology platform, and assist in transforming Leopard cell repository into a cell preparation site, and execute the existing GTP quality system optimization, and research work such as cell therapy-special control method application and related clinical trial cases.

During his tenure, he assisted Libao Depository in its extension in 2018 and participated in the follow-up company’s clinical trial plan. In 2019, Shin Kong Hospital carried out IRB-20190505R healthy human immature dendritic cells in vitro expansion and cultivation of laboratory capacity. Effective, served as the project leader, and successfully completed the production process of dendritic cell products in the Lihpao GTP laboratory, and the establishment of related quality testing standards; in 2020, the clinical application of peripheral blood stem cells in Beirong IRB-2020-06-005BCF , As the project leader. At the same time, he served as the host of the collaborative project in the Ninth and Tenth Years of the Lihpao-Beijing Industry-Government-University Cooperation Program, focusing on the immune application research of PBSC storage products.

Huang Zihan graduated from the Biomedical Group of the Department of Life Sciences of National Cheng Kung University. After obtaining a master’s degree, he worked as a researcher at Emerson Medical in 2015. During his work, he was exposed to the entire cell product development process and the cell therapy production line process under the ISO17025 quality certification system. He has served as the project manager of clinical trials in the ISO quality system and molecular and cellular biology research fields, and has accumulated more than 7 years of relevant experience.